The thing about friends...

Hello beautiful people!
Today it is Wednesday, or soon it will be thursday. When school was done I went home and fell aslepp, which has becomed a habit, and a part of my routine right now. I know, it's so bad. But to be totally honest, that's the only way I get to sleep. During the nights I sleep for maybe an hour or two, and you can all figure out that's not enough. And those short hours of sleep have alot of bad aftereffects. Mumbling, sleeping during classes (too real though) and being in a really bad mood all day. So, I sleep when I get home, so that I'm feeling better at night, when I wake up, then fall asleep a couple more hours, and wake up in the morning feeling amazing. Not really, but anyways.
Yesterday I was going to help my friends sister with her homework. And that's what I always do. There's not one time we hang out without me helping her sister, her or even her friends, that I don't even know. It's what we do now a days. Is that normal!? When I said I could help, because of the lack of homework in my school, I didn't mean that was all we'd be doing. I feel as if she's using me. I don't wanna tell her, because if I do, she might hate me. That's the last thing I need right now. Not that my life is hard or anything. I'm just tired all the freaking time. Tomorrow it's friday, or as I like to call it: FRI-YAY! And we quit just before lunch. Amazing!