Late night chat

Good evening my beautiful readers!
I have just got back home from being with my bff, and you will never guess what we did. It is something very bad. We smoked. Just a few cigaretts each, but we felt like total badasses! And you will read a lot of post's on my health, and you can say what you want. I know smoking is really bad for you, but it is not a habit of mine.
It is just something between a few friends and me. Nobody else knows about it.
I want to keep it that way. Since last winter my bff and I have been smoking maybe... once a month? And some months we did not even do it. It is more of a party-thing. And yes, I have some fun news!
A girl, our friend, have invited me, my bff and a few others from our old class to a small early-bday-gettogether at hers. I am very excited, and there I maybe will take a cigarett or two. But, frankly, it is my own business. 
Today I have a few things I need to do, school things, that is, but tbh I don't feel like it. 
I am very tired, but school is killing me. It is a lot better, but still hard. 

Movie in school

Good morning friends. I hope you are doing great. I am right now sat in a small cinema room at our school, or it is not ours. But you get it. We are watching a surely old and boring movie, not really worth writing about. I am updating you guys later when I am home. xx.


She looked up. Her psychologist sat infront of her looking her right in her eyes. 
Brooke, only nineteen years old. How did she end up here? 
"Mind your own business, witch. My life is fragile and you can not play with it. People have, a lot.
And I am not giving myself up any longer. May I ask you, why did you wanna talk to me?
What in my life is so important that you need to know about it? 
What have I ever done to sit here, telling you about my life?
I am a person.
It is my right to think and say what i want.
There is only one person who can play with my feelings. And he has, way too many times.
But I love it. 
It makes me feel good inside. I love him.
And frankly, he love me too. 
He just... has some truble showing it"
Brook smiled a crooked smile. She was a mess, and her psychologist shoke her head.
"You need help"
Brook quit smiling and stood up. 
"That may be. But you can not help be. Only he can"
Without a word said my anyone she walked out the door. 
Brook, only nineteen years old. This is how she ended up here;
Chapter one
Brooke sat next to her phone, waiting. She was very nervous and could not wait any longer. Any second she would maybe get a call from the Radio One channel telling her she had won their challenge. If they called, she would be a step further working a whole summer in USA at Radio One's studio. She'd be meeting tons of celebrities and just being around them, while she'd be helping them around the very big studio. 
Her best friend, Fray, sat to her right holding her hand. They both were quiet, but could hear each other breath heavily. Any second now. Faye looked at Brooke
"What if you do not win?" She asked. Brooke looked at Fray in total horror. 
"I have to win. I am eighteen, and my life has been the most boring it can be. This is my shot! I have to win otherwise..." The phone rang!
Brooke looked at the phone then at Fray, who was smiling. Brooke answered.
"Hello! Is this Brook Werbinshire?" Brooke nodded her head while she took a deep breath.
"Yes, this is she" Brooke continued.
"We are from Radio One, and we are happy to tell you that you are our winner in the summer-competition"
And that, that is how the whole story started.
My name is Brooke Werbinshire, and this is my story.
"Have you packed everything?"
Brooke's mother Rose smiled at her daughter who smiled while nodded.
"Yes, mother. I have. I have to go now. Thank you for the ride, see you in August!" 
Brooke smiled the biggest she ever had while hugging her mother goodbye. Then she walked go her flight.