Night talk

Have you seen The breakfast Club? No? Then have you seen Pitch Perfect or Easy A? In those movies TBC is mentioned. The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies made by my fave, John Hughes. It is about these five teens above and they all got detention. Where they meet, and start to talk. It is such an amazing movie, and I really recommend it for you all. This song is in the end of that movie, and I love the song aswell. It is sung by Simple Minds and if you listen to it you will have heard it before. It is very popular. 
But I did not come here to talk about movies, we will take that chat another time. Today has been boring, as it usually is when I am in school. I went home early and have been sat infront of my computer since. I have been working and doing a lot of important stuff, but for you, they are not.
I've just gotten to buy myself a little simple but wellneeded treat. Two snickers. It is such a nice snack, and as a veg. I need all the protein I can get. Plus, they are very yummie. 
This guy has not been writing all day, and I am a very strong believer in that the guy is the one to take the first step. Even though this guy is very forward. Him not writing to me does not affect me, to be totally honest. It's not really something I am thinking on. But, when I got home i started to think a little bit and no, this guys is not going to be my first kiss or boyfriend. Maybe he is the nicest person in the world, but I do have high stardards and I will not break them, not even for him. He is not good enough. 
And no, I do not mind being single. Not one bit. It is fun.