Late night chat

Good evening my beautiful readers!
I have just got back home from being with my bff, and you will never guess what we did. It is something very bad. We smoked. Just a few cigaretts each, but we felt like total badasses! And you will read a lot of post's on my health, and you can say what you want. I know smoking is really bad for you, but it is not a habit of mine.
It is just something between a few friends and me. Nobody else knows about it.
I want to keep it that way. Since last winter my bff and I have been smoking maybe... once a month? And some months we did not even do it. It is more of a party-thing. And yes, I have some fun news!
A girl, our friend, have invited me, my bff and a few others from our old class to a small early-bday-gettogether at hers. I am very excited, and there I maybe will take a cigarett or two. But, frankly, it is my own business. 
Today I have a few things I need to do, school things, that is, but tbh I don't feel like it. 
I am very tired, but school is killing me. It is a lot better, but still hard.