Good morning!

Although it is pretty late in the morning I just wanted to check in with you guys! I'm about to leave for school in about ten minutes, so I can't write a book or so right now, that is more for our night chats. I love late mornings, and today my make up is so pretty. For the first time in forever! Yes, that was a Frozen refrense. Deal with it!
I have orange-ish lips and very dirty hair, but I am very happy. We are having English as our first class, and it is very fun if you ask me. Our teacher, he is really great! He really make sure I challange myself, and that makes me want to put down alot more time and effort into my work. 
Now, with the beautiful song "Colors of the wind" I am feeling really good for once. Yesterdays problems are still here, but I've learned to put them to the side, when I finally in a somewhat great mood! TTYL babes! Whoops, he just wrote!